Thursday, June 30, 2011

one day, you'll be a beautiful crab

alright, alright.  i will forgive you.  i have no idea why i always take you back.

just stop apologizing.  its pathetic.  and aggrivating.

summer is here.  let's get good

1983, the bronx.  ESG is a strange group of individuals making something on the funkier side of no-wave, ala--konk, + more pop.  pulling from italo disco, to maceo, james chance to james brown.  this album found ESG with two faces, one with which to pop, and another for sleek instrumentals, that give way the production of popping, and locking, to the urge of wanting to watch the La Dusseldorf, Rheinita video.

ESG - Come Away with ESG 1983

lighten up

motherfucking chop killer

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