Saturday, March 26, 2011

dont feel much like talking

the title says it all. and i mean it.

but i am to be leaving this haunt soon, and on to a new one, so i want to make sure to leave you with something before i disappear for a few weeks. i don't have a whole lot to say, but of course i have plenty of art to suggest. most of which, this time, will be things i have had, and maybe a thing or two i have recently contracted.

though sick, i am still healthy enough to love...

wilderness-s/t 2005

wilderness is from baltimore (i think), and makes post-punk/rock. i would probably say more post-rock i guess if i had to bed down with one of those terms, but i see why some place the "punk" label on them i guess, due to james johnson's talk-y/shout-y, odd, vocal style. which, in my opinion, makes this record. i fucking love it. i have had this for a while and dug it up on some exploring of my hard drive, have been really into to it as of late. if you like, explosions in the sky, rodan, june of 44, fugazi, lungfish, mewithoutyou, indian summer, anything chapel hill, or dc sound, or any of godspeed!'s familial leanings...... than give it a try.
p.s. favs.....arkless, the end of freedom, and your hands, but i really enjoy this from beginning to end, though i always want to hear those three tracks again after the album ends.

syv - stoneland 2010

i must apologize, because i don't remember where i got syv from. and i know i got it in the last few months, i just don't know where. but all that piss and moan aside, if you're a kraut-rock nerd like myself, then i am sure you will like this. it has all of the key elements, and a bit more obnoxiousness. they're norwegian i believe, and connected to the magnificent, "swamp babies", so what else do you need? get it.

fancy mike - madison square gardner 2010

i have been talking about fancy mike for a while now, i have just been lazy about posting him. and i don't really know why, i mean i don't listen to most of this "beat-y" stuff much, but when i do i require a much higher level than most. (see montgomery clunk post) but fancy mike, besides having the coolest handle out there, is of that ilk without a doubt. these beats will allow you to forget for a few that "this type of stuff, is not really your thing", and just enjoy the simplicity, and warmth and rhythm. clever, clever, clever. this is cool. i promise. for some reason mediafire does not want me to upload my 320 version, but you can get a slightly lower, but equally awesome 192 on his bandcamp. and hell if you have five bucks, give it to him! he deserves, and probably could use it, and then you can get all the luscious bit-rate fancy mike has to offer. really? fancy mike? try to tell me that is not an awesome moniker.

fancy mike bandcamp

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