Thursday, June 30, 2011

one day, you'll be a beautiful crab

alright, alright.  i will forgive you.  i have no idea why i always take you back.

just stop apologizing.  its pathetic.  and aggrivating.

summer is here.  let's get good

1983, the bronx.  ESG is a strange group of individuals making something on the funkier side of no-wave, ala--konk, + more pop.  pulling from italo disco, to maceo, james chance to james brown.  this album found ESG with two faces, one with which to pop, and another for sleek instrumentals, that give way the production of popping, and locking, to the urge of wanting to watch the La Dusseldorf, Rheinita video.

ESG - Come Away with ESG 1983

lighten up

motherfucking chop killer

Saturday, March 26, 2011

dont feel much like talking

the title says it all. and i mean it.

but i am to be leaving this haunt soon, and on to a new one, so i want to make sure to leave you with something before i disappear for a few weeks. i don't have a whole lot to say, but of course i have plenty of art to suggest. most of which, this time, will be things i have had, and maybe a thing or two i have recently contracted.

though sick, i am still healthy enough to love...

wilderness-s/t 2005

wilderness is from baltimore (i think), and makes post-punk/rock. i would probably say more post-rock i guess if i had to bed down with one of those terms, but i see why some place the "punk" label on them i guess, due to james johnson's talk-y/shout-y, odd, vocal style. which, in my opinion, makes this record. i fucking love it. i have had this for a while and dug it up on some exploring of my hard drive, have been really into to it as of late. if you like, explosions in the sky, rodan, june of 44, fugazi, lungfish, mewithoutyou, indian summer, anything chapel hill, or dc sound, or any of godspeed!'s familial leanings...... than give it a try.
p.s. favs.....arkless, the end of freedom, and your hands, but i really enjoy this from beginning to end, though i always want to hear those three tracks again after the album ends.

syv - stoneland 2010

i must apologize, because i don't remember where i got syv from. and i know i got it in the last few months, i just don't know where. but all that piss and moan aside, if you're a kraut-rock nerd like myself, then i am sure you will like this. it has all of the key elements, and a bit more obnoxiousness. they're norwegian i believe, and connected to the magnificent, "swamp babies", so what else do you need? get it.

fancy mike - madison square gardner 2010

i have been talking about fancy mike for a while now, i have just been lazy about posting him. and i don't really know why, i mean i don't listen to most of this "beat-y" stuff much, but when i do i require a much higher level than most. (see montgomery clunk post) but fancy mike, besides having the coolest handle out there, is of that ilk without a doubt. these beats will allow you to forget for a few that "this type of stuff, is not really your thing", and just enjoy the simplicity, and warmth and rhythm. clever, clever, clever. this is cool. i promise. for some reason mediafire does not want me to upload my 320 version, but you can get a slightly lower, but equally awesome 192 on his bandcamp. and hell if you have five bucks, give it to him! he deserves, and probably could use it, and then you can get all the luscious bit-rate fancy mike has to offer. really? fancy mike? try to tell me that is not an awesome moniker.

fancy mike bandcamp

Sunday, February 27, 2011

the drought's end. (maybe)

hello lovers,

i won't waste time apologizing, i only hope the distance..... has done that things it's said to do sometimes. i will tell you, that i have probably listened to 40 mediocre records in the last month, and i am madder than a wet hen about it! but alas, this week finds me with a feverish infatuation with a couple of records. two old, that i had for a while, just had not given enough (or maybe any?) ear. and a new one.

Harry Nilsson - Son of Schmilsson 1972

i must admit, i dabbled with nilsson before, after hearing many recommendations/ravings, and was not really into him. but clearly i never listened to this album. because this was love at first listen. son of schmilsson is supposed to be his most eccentric album, and his eighth. both of these facts directly correlate with my "misses" on him before. one, i am inexplicably neurotic, and two when first sampling an artist i tend to grab the earlier stuff first.
i really have trouble describing it though, its weird pop i guess. really theatrical at times. strange perspective, great lyrics. cool voice, really cool production. you may pick up a little bowie, but can't you in just about everything pop from that era? anyhow, i am sorry i don't have the right things to say to make this record sound exciting but it is. just go to youtube, and listen to a track or two, you will understand. it's a great listen all the way through. and though not so much capable of doing this right now, i would be remiss if i did not share this, just as you will be if you do not partake in this.
sorry i suck at words today. just download it.

the other two will come soon, when i can gather a few words.



Friday, January 14, 2011

may your first sandwich be a masculine sandwich..

well, its a new year. ya. i'm fucking pumped, how about you? can't wait to see what new holes i am slated to dig, and climb out of this time. wah! i know, i just don't fucking care anymore. the mere fact that there is a calendar pisses me off anymore. why bother? anniversaries, holidays, its all schlupp. i have no use for it. and think you would be better too if you didn't either. what's it all for? where's the point? i think, when i am happy, that the day is what i make of it. that's all. what "prefix" is attatched to the word "day", does not make it anymore or less than a day. ehhhhh..... i'm awful i know. trust me. i know, more than anyone.

but then, there's art....

and here is some new art for you, from all over, all sorts of different flavors, complementary angles and textures. acidity to cut rich, delectable fats. intriguing spice, juxtaposed against sweet, to banish the cloying and saccharine.

here is your first sandwich. unctuous, yet clean. rich and yet somehow light. i suggest that you ingest these as they're given (together i mean, not necessarily in any order), like a sandwich. the chemistry is carefully calculated and in some cases, respectively, the co-existence is the best existence.

bon apetit

Montgomery Clunk, Superbus ep 2010
Bucharest, Romania

Monty is laying down some of the most tasteful beats i've heard in this flooded space. beat driven, glitch hop-y, two step-y, lo-fi-y stuff is in every dorm room, and on every laptop of every kid who can count, has a program, and can read at a sixth grade level. but true taste and talent is the cream that rises to the top of this crowded room, and mc is that foamy apex. we will call this the first of one of your sauces. a garlic dill aioli.

Pill Wonder, Jungle/Surf 2010
Seattle, WA

pill wonder is what i would be doing on a monday morning at 3:45 am, if i lived alone and could record music at that time. these are the type of silly sounds i need in my life, and so do you. and it's not just silliness, there is some really good songwriting in here too. and you don't have to take it from me, its on alot of "best of" lists for the year. this is one of your crunchy elements....alfalfa sprouts.

Shannon and the Clams, I Wanna Go Home 2010
Oakland, CA

our camera finds del shannon grudge fucking ronnie spector on the crumpled hood of a red 99 ford focus with a glad bag over the passenger window, while the tape player hisses, cracks, and blasts the the mummies. the grinding shakes the bottle of cheap whiskey off the roof of the sub-compact and the sound of broken glass ushers in the first, and only, chords of "shake." listen to this! over and over and over. salty, sexy, crispy, devilish bacon.

Tennis, Cape Dory 2010
Denver, CO???????

great. 60's dream pop. the girl that is singing should move into my brain, and narrarate my entire life. it pays well i promise, girl, if you are listening. just name your price. really good record all the way through, not so seasonal for northeners like myself at the moment, but who fucking cares? aren't we in this thing to escape anyhow? and how seamless this record is will only accomadate such excursions even more. these guys will make this sound bigger than it already is. i am sure of it. tart and creamy. this is both your cool baby swiss slice, and your playful bruschetta schmear. equal parts, sauce #2, and unifying, glorious cheese.

Dunebuggy, S/T 2009
Hoboken, NJ

dunebuggy is sugary greatness i stumbled upon a while ago on another blog of greater stature ( . this is a cassette for sure, and it listens as such, but in all the best ways, just give it a try and you'll see. fuzzy thick garage tones, applied to organ-driven sock-hop blankets. winter will recoil at your new bolstered defenses. snow has yet to see such an adversary. these songs(/covers?) will warm and cool at the same time. its like you've found the ripest haas in this mitten in january. everyone at your next gathering will appreciate such summer in your winter guacamole. test it. dunebuggy is proudly your avacodo.

Yuck, S/T 2011
_______, NJ

yuck is fucking awesome. so much better than i think they even know. solid songs, this doesn't sound like the pixies, but if you are in that mood i think they would satisfy. this album is so good, thought i must admit that i love the slacker jams, and miss something when some of the ballads play, they are good but the energy just doesn't do as much for me, but then i've always been that type. someone once called me emotionless. maybe she was right. or maybe she was just a giant piece of shit, and yuck has yet to figure themselves out as a sensitive entity, not that i care, because as a fuzzy defected, just-enough, pop, i think they are delicious. and full of replay value, that is why i have dubbed them your turkey. maybe something peppered, or mesquite.

Charles Bradley, No Time For Dreaming 2011
Gainesville, FL

a sandwich can be made, or broke by its bread. this one requires something hearty, flavorful, and textural. something with some oats, and nuts, and maybe lightly toasted. charles bradley is it. this is a soul record that just came out, or maybe not even out yet, but no matter, you will have trouble believing that is anything less than 35 years old. sharon jones is ok, but CB is single handedly restoring credibility to soul in the current. this record is classic, and relevant. The man's fingers grace the pages of all the greats, and picks up all sorts of little fragments, swallows them and then belts out his unforgettable voice all over you, displaying glimmers of solomon burke, al green, david ruffin, sam cooke, otis redding, james brown, and just about every one else who has ever SANG the blues. i may listen to this record for the rest of my life. just like brownberry oat nut, i don't want it everyday, i just don't ever want to NOT have it. your bread.

add your own lettuce, i can't bear to compare art to lettuce.

happy mlk day



Wednesday, December 8, 2010


yeah, yeah, yeah.

swimsuit, detroit? MI

this is a demo from swimsuit, featuring local pop royalty fred thomas. its really cool. i like the songs alot. so will you. surf-y, sleepy, good, sweet, songs. get it.

funk! really good funk, and i know its hard to believe, but this is fucking great. really great players on really great tracks.

lettuce, rage! 2007

get to this

new stag hare cassette! still kinda tribal, but more like drowning than before. like some right of passage that has gone completely wrong, or just right. either way this is great.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Prince Rama - Shadow Temples 2010

i have to be honest, i don't know shit about Prince Rama, other than i stumbled upon this on a blog finer than this one a week ago and have listened to it almost everyday since, and that it is on paw tracks.

this record is every bit drum circle-y, freak-out-y, chant-y, and the rest of the expected made up adjectives. chants, tribal drumming, organs, hordes of reverb and delay. this almost makes me feel as good as when i first heard stag hare. similar application is fitting. sleeping, smoking, drugging, and other general laying about. if you took ambien, got your dirty little mitts on a cool pillow, and good blanket and found a nice corner of the room, you might just become a butterfly already. this is so epic, and stupid (in a good way) at the same time.

if the world worked as it should, we would all be sweating, and swaying amidst some violent orgy to this strange heap. actualize, now!

James Blake - Klavierwerke Ep

james blake, well...

imagine if all those dubstep artist weren't so disposable, repetetive, and reflective of one another. if they had not taken themselves so seriously that they ultimately made a joke of themselves. imagine if pitchfork didn't destroy any of their credibility by deifying them. (honestly, i don't read it, but i imagine pusherfork is blowing this up right now).
imagine if dubstep had replay value that lasted more than 48 hours, and a sense of musicality and melody. just imagine yourself downloading this, and thanking me later. your homework or social networking may never be the same.

bugs and kisses,

baby d

p.s. i apologize for the writing quality, or total lack there of--lately. i just have not had my head on straight. bear with me. i am trying to make up for it with more posts, until i can get out of the slump. i got a wicked case of the monday's in august and can't seem to shake it. taking vitamins and everything, what more do you want from me modern psychology?

Friday, October 15, 2010

random stuff

don't fret. halloween mixes coming soon.

in other notes,

a post to debut a new section, that i would like to consider, "summer is when you make it."

dance, fun, party, bright, funky things. tropical things. sweaty things. old things, new things. light hearts and heavy feet. winter is inhumane around here in so many ways, that a charge must be lead. italo disco, tropicalia, house, and stupid shit will be our occasional electric bedmates. gotta stay warm somehow, right. let us drink......

El Guincho

el guincho is man-meets roland sp404 + beautiful melodies + some great sample material.
if you don't know of his work, then you don't know me personally, because i can't shut up about him. seriously, those in proximity have had to hear me expound at great length on
the first record's boundless virtue. and i just got the new one a month ago or so.

pablo diaz-rexia is el guincho, and is also a member of coconot. which if you are also unaware of then you need to find, or wait for my lazy-ass to post. ah fuck it, i will give you an album of theirs as well.

alegranza! 2008

pop negro 2010

coconot - cosa astral 2008

enjoy lovers. until we meet again....

davey boy